Each Life Matters Uganda

The tiny life inside you is worthy of protection, of care, of love. Lives were never meant to be discarded, like waste or garbage. No. Every life is precious. Every life is meant to be valued. That’s why we are here — to help you protect that little life that has begun to grow within you.

Our website, EachLifeMattersUganda.org is operated by New Beginnings Int. Ministries, Iganga, Uganda, East Africa.

Our Mission:

Save children.

Empower Women.

Build families’ futures.

Heal through healthcare.

Save children

Through love, counseling and assistance, we stand up for innocent lives that are being threatened with violence and death; We also provide medication and basic health assistance to children in our Extended Family Orphan Care program (EXFOC) when their adult care-takers are unable to do so. When babies and children fall victim to sudden, deadly illnesses (such as malaria) we (when our funding allows) offer medication, support, and if needed, assistance to reach care in hospital.

Empower women

New Beginnings helps families to become self-reliant by (when funding is available) providing widows with simple Business-Building Loans (BBL) and entrepreneurial training to boost their small enterprises and help them care for the orphaned children in their homes. Over time, as these small businesses grow, owners can better care for their families and repay their loans. Our Business-Building Loan program has been so successful that today we have many, many families on the waiting list.

Build families’ futures

Education is key to a child’s future success. Sadly, many families cannot afford to send their children to school. When funds are available, at the outset of the school term, New Beginnings offers orphans the required school supplies such as writing tablets, pens and pencils and occasionally school fees for those who are unable to afford them. The result? Each year, more eager-to-learn children are able to attend school.

Heal through healthcare

In Uganda, 80% of Ugandan women (in regions with high birthrates) have limited access to appropriate care. The leading cause of death for Ugandan girls ages 15-18 is pregnancy, and 20% of maternal deaths are caused by abortion-related complications. New Beginnings is working to meet both the near-term and long-term health needs of Uganda’s at-risk mothers and children through construction and staffing of local medical clinics and community healthcare training. Plans for Clinic #1 (to be located near Iganga) are made and funds are currently being raised.

Can you donate to our work?

If you are able to help our work through a donation, please visit our New Beginnings donation page. Thank you!

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